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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Berryman promise Oona before leaving the beach house?
(a) He is leaving town.
(b) He will call her.
(c) He will not come back.
(d) He will return.

2. What does one of Ochs's articles for the newspaper he works for receive?
(a) World attention.
(b) A national award.
(c) National attention.
(d) Local attention.

3. How does Ochs know so much about Horn?
(a) He was related to him.
(b) Past articles he's written.
(c) He was good friends with him.
(d) A fellow reporter gave him information.

4. Why is the threat on Horn's life not aired on live television?
(a) The television broadcast was cut short.
(b) The television airwaves lost power.
(c) There was a three second delay.
(d) There was a 10 second delay.

5. What does Berryman do before traveling to Nashville?
(a) Buys ammunition..
(b) Steals a car.
(c) Changes his appearance.
(d) Visits Ben Toy.

Short Answer Questions

1. What kind of night does Oona say she and Berryman spent together a few weeks before the murder of Horn?

2. When is Berryman said to have traveled to Nashville?

3. How does Ochs describe the Quinns?

4. Why does Berryman run an errand for himself when he normally would not?

5. When Ochs returns to Nashville in Part 4, who is being investigated?

Short Essay Questions

1. So far in the story, what things has Berryman done that could label him as someone who does not care about his own safety?

2. What suspicious event occurs while Berryman is at his beach house?

3. What does Ochs say about Oona's parents, the Quinns?

4. What events take place when Berryman arrives in Nashville before Horn's murder?

5. What happens when Berryman goes to Bert Poole's house?

6. Explain the meeting that takes place when Berryman takes Oona to New York City.

7. Why does Ochs appear cautious of Oona after hearing her stories about her involvement with Berryman and the plan to murder Horn?

8. Describe the meeting between Berryman and Johnboy.

9. Why does Ochs go to Thomas Berryman's house, and how does he describe Oona Quinn?

10. What happens when Horn is on television?

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