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Flower and Toy Shop

This place is owned by Ben Toy and serves as a cover for dangerous transactions.

Dudley Stadium

This location holds the first of two speeches by Jimmie Lee Horn on the Fourth of July.

Fair Farmer's Market

This is the location where Jimmie Lee Horn is assassinated on the Fourth of July.


This object tells the truth about a specific event that occurred and also serves as the purpose for Och Jones's investigation.


This is the name of the book Ochs Jones is writing.

William Pound Institute

This place houses Ben Toy and is the first stop in Ochs Jones's investigation.


This is a particular section of the mental hospital where Ben Toy's head nurse works.

Federal Penitentiary at Louisville

This is the location that houses Joe Cubbah after he shoots Ben Poole.

Nashville, Tennessee

This is the location that holds...

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