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Lesson 1

Objective: Prologue, Down on the Farm (1962), Preface, Jones' Thomas Berryman (1974), and Part 1, The First Trip North In the Prologue, readers find out that Bert Poole is confirmed as the assassin of Jimmie Lee Horn. However, Ochs Jones does not believe Bert Poole committed the assassination, which could mean a mistake was made in the conviction of an innocent man.The objective of this lesson is to learn about the possible mistake of convicting Bert Poole of a crime he did not commit and how it affects him and others in the story.

1) Class Discussion: In the Prologue, readers get their first glimpse of Bert Poole. When Bert Poole is said to be an "apparent" killer, what does this cause readers to think? Why isn't Bert Poole stated as being a murderer for a fact? Could Bert Poole have been convicted for a crime he did not commit...

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