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Prologue, Down on the Farm (1962), Preface, Jones' Thomas Berryman (1974), and Part 1, The First Trip North

• Mayor Jimmie Lee Horn of Nashville has been killed.

• Horn's apparent killer is Bert Poole.

• The entire murder is caught on news footage that is aired to the public.
• Ochs Jones is introduced.

• Ochs is a reporter for a local Nashville newspaper in Tennessee.

• Ochs is currently investigating the death of Horn.

• Ochs is writing a book on the truth behind Horn's murder.
• Ochs is sent to Long Island to interview Ben Toy.

• Ben is a mental patient at the William Pound Institute.

• Ben says he has information on the murder of Horn.

• Ochs believes the meeting will be a dead end, but goes any way.
• During Ochs's first visit with Ben, Ben tells him about his friend and business associate, Thomas Berryman.

• Berryman is hired by a southern man with orders to...

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