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Eleanor Hibbert and Jean Plaidy
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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Margaret name the son she has after James's death?

2. What kind of birth does Margaret have with her first born?

3. Why must Margaret leave Scotland without her children?

4. How does Angus feel about marrying Margaret?

5. What happens to Margaret's mother after she gives birth after Margaret's wedding?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Margaret respond to Henry when they are both young?

2. How does Margaret react to the death of her mother?

3. Why are some people upset about how quickly Margaret married Angus?

4. How does the young Henry feel about Margaret's planned marriage to James?

5. What kind of relationship does Margaret want with James?

6. In "The Curse of Sauchieburn," why does Margaret try to intervene with James when several Scottish men are arrested in England?

7. Who is Margaret at Stobhall?

8. What is unique about Margaret's marriage to James in England?

9. What happens with the transition of power after James is killed in battle?

10. Why is Margaret opposed to James bringing in his illegitimate children to the castle?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

What three major aspects of "The Thistle and the Rose" would have been different if Margaret were a man?

Essay Topic 2

Several battles play a key role in "The Thistle and the Rose." Discuss at least three challenges an author faces when writing battle scenes and at least three literary devices Plaidy uses when writing about battle in "The Thistle and the Rose," using examples from the text as supporting evidence.

Essay Topic 3

Religion plays an important, if behind-the-scenes, role in "The Thistle and the Rose." Discuss the role religion plays in the text and how Plaidy conveys it throughout the novel.

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