The Thistle and the Rose Test | Mid-Book Test - Medium

Eleanor Hibbert and Jean Plaidy
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Henry respond to Margaret's request for her inheritance?
(a) He sends it right away -- plus interest.
(b) He declines it.
(c) He sends it right away.
(d) He brings it in person so she doesn't get too sad seeing her old things.

2. How do the common people respond to Margaret as she travels to marry James?
(a) Very well; they seem to like her.
(b) Terribly; they pelt her carriage with tomatoes.
(c) The reader never learns this information.
(d) She has to travel in secret.

3. What prevents Margaret from moving more quickly with Angus?
(a) Her shyness.
(b) The fact that he is still married.
(c) His shyness.
(d) Her pregnancy.

4. Which children does James say he wants to bring to the castle?
(a) Random children from the town.
(b) His nieces and nephews.
(c) His other illegitimate daughters.
(d) His other illegitimate sons.

5. What kind of father does James want to be?
(a) Any kind other than how his own father was.
(b) Strict but fair.
(c) Absent but powerful when he is present (rarely).
(d) Cruel and distant.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Angus respond when Margaret tries to seduce him for the first time?

2. Who does Margaret put into positions of power after she marries Angus?

3. How old is Mary when the novel opens?

4. What has happened to the woman James first fell in love with?

5. What happens to Margaret's mother after she gives birth after Margaret's wedding?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does James react to the death of Margaret's palfreys?

2. How does Margaret respond to Henry when they are both young?

3. Why does James think it's a perfectly fine idea to bring his illegitimate children to the castle to live?

4. Why does James think he has a curse on him that prevents him from having healthy children with Margaret?

5. Why does James finally agree to marry Margaret?

6. Who is Margaret and James's child Arthur named after?

7. Why are some people upset about how quickly Margaret married Angus?

8. Why does the political establishment not think Margaret is able to rule until young James comes of age?

9. What does Bell-the-Cat tell Angus on his deathbed?

10. Why does Albany agree to go to Scotland when the King of France requests it?

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