The Thistle and the Rose Short Essay - Answer Key

Eleanor Hibbert and Jean Plaidy
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1. How does Margaret respond to Henry when they are both young?

Margaret refuses to play to Henry's constant need to be the center of attention when they are young. However, she is very much aware of this strong need of his. She knows that his need must be placated to keep him happy, but she is not always willing to do so.

2. How does Henry approach his future kingship when he is young?

The young Henry is very boastful of the fact that he will one day be king but only when the current king is not around. He thinks that people of noble birth should always look the part and enjoys pageantry.

3. How does the young Henry feel about Margaret's planned marriage to James?

Henry thinks that Margaret's planned marriage to James is a bad idea. He does not think it is in England's best interests, and although he threatens to say so during the actual ceremony, he does not follow through on his threat.

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