The Thistle and the Rose Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Eleanor Hibbert and Jean Plaidy
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The Betrothed, The Bridegroom, and The Rose and the Thistle

• The novel opens with Margaret, the oldest of the Tudor children, age 12, Henry, the heir of the throne, age 10, and Mary, the youngest, age 6.

• It quickly becomes clear that Margaret and Henry are sometimes at odds, even in youth. Henry is vain and enjoys attention, while Margaret refuses to accommodate him most of the time.

• Margaret is sent off to marry James, King of Scotland, in an effort to unite the two countries.

• James is not entirely thrilled about the marriage but eventually relents. Margaret is unsure about the arrangement but falls instantly in love with James when she meets him.

• Margaret soon realizes that James has several lovers and illegitimate children. Margaret, however, is the only woman who can give him a legitimate heir.

The Curse of Sauchieburn and The Wild Knight

• Margaret matures a bit and...

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