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Short Answer Questions

1. Ever the performer, Hannay takes on another guise, this time as who?

2. He searches the room for anything useful, eventually finding a flashlight to see better and then some mining material in the form of _____________ (a dangerous explosive) and some fuses.

3. Hannay then has Scaife go down to the beach and count what?

4. An old fisherman strikes up a conversation with him, they talk about the lake, and Hannay mentions that a difficult fish is tugging like what?

5. How long does Hannay spend in bed, nursed by Turnbull?

Short Essay Questions

1. What leads to Hannay's recovery?

2. How does luck come Hannay's way early in this chapter?

3. What takes place in the story prior to Bullivant and Hannay combing through Scudder's notebook?

4. What plan to stop the Germans do the military men have left?

5. How does Hannay regain his confidence and stop the Germans?

6. How does Hannay become doubtful of his gut instincts?

7. How does Hannay end up being chased by the police? How does this chase end?

8. How does Hannay get the old man to reveal that he is the enemy?

9. Describe Hannay's role in the plans to stop Black Stone from obtaining the key intelligence.

10. What takes place during the time in which Hannay decides to spy on the men in Trafalgar Lodge and when he rings the doorbell?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Repetition is frequently used.

Part 1) What is repeated throughout this book? Why?

Part 2) How dos this repetition support the plot, themes, and the main character's personality?

Part 3) What other literary devices are used? How are they used? Why are they used?

Essay Topic 2

Hannay's remarkable fortitude and strength of character is revealed?

Part 1) How is this hinted at early in the book? How is this fully revealed later in the book?

Part 2) What is the significance of this strength of character, when one realizes Hannay is an ordinary man?

Part 3) When has your own strength of character been tested or revealed? How did you feel after this? How can this help you relate to Hannay?

Essay Topic 3

Symbolism is found in this story.

Part 1) Describe this symbolism. What is the purpose of each symbol?

Part 2) How are these symbols connected to the various characters and the plot? How do they help to reveal information to the reader?

Part 3) How do these symbols support the themes found in this book?

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