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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Scudder, through many aliases and disguises, put the pieces of this puzzle together while doing what?
(a) Sitting in his hotel room.
(b) Touring Europe.
(c) Talking to the British Prime Minister.
(d) Writing his novel.

2. At this point a final car passes him, and he recognizes the driver, a _______________ Hannay dislikes named Marmaduke Jopley.
(a) Haughty stockbroker.
(b) Tough police officer.
(c) Wealthy lawyer.
(d) Whiny school teacher.

3. Why does Hannay hatch a scheme to escape his flat?
(a) He hears someone knocking on his door.
(b) He sees men outside his window.
(c) He figures his flat is being watched.
(d) He can see someone's shadow out in the hall.

4. Scudder figures the only way he might live is to do what?
(a) Kill the conspirators.
(b) Fake his own death.
(c) Run away.
(d) Return to the United States.

5. Switching trains, Hannay finally emerges into the Scottish moorlands, or _______.
(a) Bog.
(b) Marsh.
(c) Hills.
(d) Fog.

Short Answer Questions

1. Scudder states that he is what?

2. How does Hannay respond to their questioning?

3. This Greek man has been invited to Britain on the 15th of June for a tea party, and the conspirators have chosen this tea party as the best time to do what?

4. When Hannay searches Scudder's body, does he find anything of worth?

5. Where does Hannay find an article about Scudder's death, dubbed "The Portland Place Murder?"

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Hannay feel about Scudder's story? How does this feeling change?

2. What takes place in the inn prior to the arrival of the police?

3. How does Hannay react to Scudder's murder?

4. What does Hannay plan to do for the next twenty days before the tea party? What will he do after these twenty days?

5. What leads to Hannay telling a large crowd a fictitious story about Australian politics?

6. What is decided between Hannay and Sir Harry?

7. How does Hannay learn that Scudder's body has been found? How does he also know he is in trouble?

8. Who are the first few visitors Hannay has? How does he deal with these people?

9. What happens when the rough men leave?

10. Who is to be murdered? Why, when, and where is this person to be murdered?

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