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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 4.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Scudder asks to come in, and the man quickly locks the door behind them, ___________.
(a) Clearly very sad.
(b) Clearly very happy.
(c) Clearly in a panic.
(d) Clearly very excited.

2. The conspiracy was ________ Scudder stated.
(a) Smaller than.
(b) Nothing like what.
(c) Bigger than.
(d) The same as what.

3. What is another reason why Hannay does not call the police?
(a) They may try him for Scudder's murder.
(b) His brothers are cops, and he does not want to get them involved.
(c) The police must uncover the plot on their own.
(d) He does not trust the police.

4. Where does Hannay find an article about Scudder's death, dubbed "The Portland Place Murder?"
(a) On a reward poster.
(b) In a Scottish Review newspaper.
(c) On a board in the train station.
(d) In an old shepherd's daily newspaper.

5. Switching trains, Hannay finally emerges into the Scottish moorlands, or _______.
(a) Fog.
(b) Marsh.
(c) Hills.
(d) Bog.

Short Answer Questions

1. Scudder is __________ journalist and has toured much of Europe in that capacity.

2. Hannay considers writing the Prime Minister. Does he do this?

3. Does the milkman agree to the handsome offer?

4. Scudder figures the only way he might live is to do what?

5. Why is Hannay worried about a monoplane flying overhead?

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