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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 3.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Scudder states that he is what?
(a) New to the neighborhood.
(b) A dead man.
(c) Unable to pay his rent.
(d) From Germany.

2. Scudder, through many aliases and disguises, put the pieces of this puzzle together while doing what?
(a) Talking to the British Prime Minister.
(b) Touring Europe.
(c) Writing his novel.
(d) Sitting in his hotel room.

3. Why is Hannay worried about a monoplane flying overhead?
(a) He fears it might crash.
(b) He fears it might be Karolides headed to England.
(c) He fears its pilot might report him to the police.
(d) He fears it belongs to the enemy.

4. He resolves to hide out in the "wild district" of what country?
(a) France.
(b) Scotland.
(c) Germany.
(d) Ireland.

5. What is another reason why Hannay does not call the police?
(a) His brothers are cops, and he does not want to get them involved.
(b) He does not trust the police.
(c) The police must uncover the plot on their own.
(d) They may try him for Scudder's murder.

Short Answer Questions

1. How old is Hannay?

2. Why does Hannay know he is in trouble, after seeing the article about Scudder's murder?

3. As part of pulling off this scheme, the conspirators wish to assassinate the Greek Premier named ____________, because he is a smart man of integrity who has a chance to ruin their plans.

4. This scheme would throw the stock markets into chaos, which the instigators would then use to their advantage to do what?

5. Why does the young man excitedly agree to house Hannay for a few days?

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