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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 3.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. That the murderer ransacked the apartment tells Hannay what?
(a) The enemies are looking for Hannay.
(b) The enemies do not know what they are looking for.
(c) The enemies are looking for Hannay's family.
(d) The enemies were also looking for the black book.

2. Fortune then smiles as Hannay by chance finds Scudder's black book buried where?
(a) In the trash.
(b) On Scudder's body.
(c) On a bookshelf.
(d) In his tobacco jar.

3. Arriving at a station he had been to the night before, Hannay must hide in the shadows from whom?
(a) A station-manager.
(b) A group of policemen.
(c) A station-master he met the day before and three police officers questioning the station-manager.
(d) A station-master he met the day before, and three rough-looking local policemen questioning the station-master.

4. Hannay is _______ the sights, the restaurants, and the people.
(a) Worried about.
(b) Bored of.
(c) Interested in.
(d) Excited about.

5. Where does Hannay find an article about Scudder's death, dubbed "The Portland Place Murder?"
(a) In an old shepherd's daily newspaper.
(b) On a board in the train station.
(c) In a Scottish Review newspaper.
(d) On a reward poster.

Short Answer Questions

1. What makes Hannay's departure quite public?

2. Hannay exits his flat and heads where?

3. This Greek man has been invited to Britain on the 15th of June for a tea party, and the conspirators have chosen this tea party as the best time to do what?

4. He examines Scudder's black book, which appears to be coded with a cipher that requires what?

5. How does Hannay finally come to believe Scudder's story?

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