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Scudder's Black Book

This is written in a code that Hannay must decipher and contains everything that has been uncovered in regard to the Black Stone's espionage plot.

Scottish Moorlands

This rural, bog-like area is where Hannay decides to hide from the police and the Black Stone.

Black Stone

This is the name of the secret organization of German anarchists that oppose Hannay.

Annie Laurie

Along with mentioning Black Stone, this traditional Scottish tune is the key for Bullivant to recognize Hannay.

Rural Scots

These often come to Hannay's aid, giving him a place to rest and a meal to eat. They are universally characterized as good Samaritans and kindly.

The Portland Place Murderer

This is the moniker the press and police have given, mistakenly, to Richard Hannay.


This is a contemporary explosive used in mining.

Julia cipher

This name is the key to understanding Scudder's coded...

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