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Scudder's Black Book - This is written in a code that Hannay must decipher and contains everything that has been uncovered in regard to the Black Stone's espionage plot.

Scottish Moorlands - This rural, bog-like area is where Hannay decides to hide from the police and the Black Stone.

Black Stone - This is the name of the secret organization of German anarchists that oppose Hannay.

Annie Laurie - Along with mentioning Black Stone, this traditional Scottish tune is the key for Bullivant to recognize Hannay.

Rural Scots - These often come to Hannay's aid, giving him a place to rest and a meal to eat. They are universally characterized as good Samaritans and kindly.

The Portland Place Murderer - This is the moniker the press and police have given, mistakenly, to Richard Hannay.

Lentonite - This is a contemporary explosive used in mining.

Julia cipher -...

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