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Essay Topic 1

Richard Hannay is the protagonist.

Part 1) How is he the protagonist? What is known about this character? How does the author make him accessible to the reader?

Part 2) How can the reader relate to Hannay? How is he like any other ordinary man?

Part 4) How does Hannay evolve throughout the story? How does the reader's understanding and perception of him also change?

Essay Topic 2

A relationship is quickly established between the reader and Hannay.

Part 1) Describe this relationship. How is it quickly developed? How does this keep the reader engaged?

Part 2) What literary devices are used to create this relationship, as well as deepen it?

Part 3) How do you feel about Hannay by the end of the book? Why?

Essay Topic 3

Many chapters end in cliffhangers.

Part 1) Describe these cliffhangers. What is the purpose of these cliffhangers?

Part 2) how do these cliffhangers support this as an...

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