The Thirty-Nine Steps Character Descriptions

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Richard Hannay

This character is the protagonist of the book.

The Black Stone

This is the name for the secret organization of German anarchists whose plot lies at the heart of THE THIRTY-NINE STEPS.

Franklin Scudder

This character was an American journalist who toured much of Europe.


This character is the Greek Premier who Scudder claims will be assassinated as part of the anarchists' schemes.

Sir Harry

This character is a young, excitable man with a sense of adventure, and a desire to rise above his status. He is a self-described Liberal and is politically active, though he is a poor speaker and may not even believe his own party's beliefs or understand them well.

Alexander Turnbull

This character is a poor, rural Scottish road-mender.

Marmaduke Jopley

This character is an upper-class stockbroker from London.


This is the identity that Hannay makes up on the spot...

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