The Thirty-Nine Steps Character Descriptions

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Richard Hannay - This character is the protagonist of the book.

The Black Stone - This is the name for the secret organization of German anarchists whose plot lies at the heart of THE THIRTY-NINE STEPS.

Franklin Scudder - This character was an American journalist who toured much of Europe.

Karolides - This character is the Greek Premier who Scudder claims will be assassinated as part of the anarchists' schemes.

Sir Harry - This character is a young, excitable man with a sense of adventure, and a desire to rise above his status. He is a self-described Liberal and is politically active, though he is a poor speaker and may not even believe his own party's beliefs or understand them well.

Alexander Turnbull - This character is a poor, rural Scottish road-mender.

Marmaduke Jopley - This character is an upper-class stockbroker from London.

Ainslie - This is...

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