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Chapter 1

• Richard Hannay is a Scot turned Brit who is bored and lonely.

• Hannay is confronted by Franklin Scudder, who relates the circumstances of his discovering a plot to get Russia to declare war on Germany.
• This scheme would throw the stock markets into chaos and had been planned by German anarchists, capitalists, and Jews.

• Karolides would be executed because he has a chance to ruin their plans.
• Scudder is now known by these anarchists, and he fears for his life and wishes to pretend to have committed suicide and stay with Hannay.

• Hannay is not sure if he can believe Scudder but realizes the severity of the situation when Scudder is stabbed to death.

Chapter 2

• Hannay is at first shaken by the dead body but decides he should carry on Scudder's work.

• Hannay finds Scudder's black book of information in the tobacco jar and then hatches a...

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