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Diane Setterfield
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Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Margaret begin her research to verify the three parts of Ms. Winter's story?

2. Hester 's and the doctor's actions result in what consequences?

3. Vida Winter says she starts one book as soon as she finishes another because she is afraid to confront which person who keeps trying to get her attention?

4. What happens to Roland, Isabelle's husband?

5. When she has trouble falling asleep the night after receiving the letter, what does Margaret do?

Short Essay Questions

1. List several details of Angelfield when Mrs. Maudsley first enters.

2. Contrast the differences in Margaret's parents.

3. At one point in their first conversation, Margaret is uncomfortable and gets up to leave. What words of Vida Winter bring her back?

4. Describe the circumstances of the first meeting between Margaret and Aurelius.

5. Relate the circumstances surrounding Isabelle's birth.

6. Describe Margaret's reaction to reading Vida Winter's books.

7. Describe Judith, the housekeeper.

8. List a few details that are used to describe Margaret's first impression of Vida Winter's house.

9. Describe the orientation of the Angelfield house.

10. Explain why Hester leaves Angelfield so suddenly.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The extended generations of family at Angelfield are what we would call "dysfunctional." In what ways were these characters troubled? In what way did they try to hide their problems and resist outside help? How does Setterfield use this novel to make a point about the tragedy of isolation and "hiding " family problems?

Essay Topic 2

"All children mythologize their birth." What does this quote by Vida Winter mean? How is this true for you or for others you have known? What myths were the characters in the story perpetuating and why?

Essay Topic 3

Many of the Angelfield children were mean, violent and cruel. What makes a child cruel? What can be done to help an "evil" child? Write an essay that examines one of the "cruel" children of Angelfield, describing the factors that led to his or her cruelty, and what might have prevented this cruelty.

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