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Diane Setterfield
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Short Answer Questions

1. When she has trouble falling asleep the night after receiving the letter, what does Margaret do?

2. What does John -the-Dig do at Angelfield?

3. What is one peculiar aspect of the twins?

4. What is peculiar about the way Margaret must read "The Thirteen Tales?'

5. Charlie, Isabelle's brother, is:

Short Essay Questions

1. List several details of Angelfield when Mrs. Maudsley first enters.

2. Describe Vida Winter's reaction to Margaret 's short leave of absence.

3. Relate the circumstances surrounding Isabelle's birth.

4. Describe what Margaret hears in the night soon after she arrives at the Winter house, and what she does when she hears this sound.

5. After Isabelle leaves Angelfield for a short time, with whom did she return?

6. When Margaret writes a card about Hester, what conclusion does she come to, and how does she act on this?

7. Describe the incident of the baby and perambulator.

8. List a few "odd" behaviors of the twins as they go about the countryside.

9. Describe the circumstances of the first meeting between Margaret and Aurelius.

10. At one point in their first conversation, Margaret is uncomfortable and gets up to leave. What words of Vida Winter bring her back?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Discuss how the elements of weather work to strengthen the plot and themes of this book. For example, there is much mystery and confusion in the plot at the same time the countryside is immersed in a thick fog. Identify these setting clues and show how they strengthen the plot.

Essay Topic 2

Many of the characters in this book struggle with depression. Identify the afflicted characters and discuss the behaviors of those characters which lead readers to imply that the depression is real. What factors for these characters might have led to this illness?

Essay Topic 3

Should we be our "brother's keeper?" In other words, when we see neighbors in need, what should our response be? If the townspeople had rallied sooner to intervene in the neglect of the children and the mental illness Isabelle, might tragedy have been averted? Discuss this idea in terms of the book, using citations from the book to prove your point.

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