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Diane Setterfield
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. As the twins grow, what disturbing pattern emerges regarding them in the village and surrounding houses?
(a) The twins talk of drowning their mother and poisoning the servants.
(b) The twins begin to frighten smaller children with stories about ghosts.
(c) The twins are caught running without clothes on through the middle of town.
(d) The twins walk into unlocked houses and take what they want.

2. When Isabelle returns after being away for several months, she comes back with what or whom?
(a) An emerald ring that her father suspected was stolen.
(b) Two packages, which are two babies.
(c) Her father's money from a bank in London.
(d) A handsome husband.

3. What do Hester and John-the-dig argue about?
(a) His insistence that Isabelle should return to Angelfield.
(b) His refusal to lock the gate.
(c) His strange habit of humming as he strolls the grounds after midnight.
(d) A mysterious child who is seen on the property.

4. Vida Winter is reluctant to let Margaret leave for a few days. Why?
(a) WInter is afraid that Margaret will tell the outside world her story before it is concluded.
(b) Winter is terminally ill and wants to complete the telling of her story before she dies.
(c) Winter is afraid that Margraet will contact her twin sister Emmeline.
(d) Winter and Margaret have become friends; she wants her companionship.

5. What does the chapter title, "Box of Lives" refer to?
(a) Vida Winter says she keeps "opening up the box" to reveal the secrets of her past.
(b) Margaret finds an old box near the ruins of the old church.
(c) Winter keeps many items from her past in a safe in her bedroom; she finally shows the box to Margaret.
(d) Margaret keeps a 3x5 card on many people, and she keepst these cards in a box.

Short Answer Questions

1. When the doctor comes to Angelfield, he recommends what?

2. Where does Hester's lengthy conversation about the twins take place?

3. Where and with whom does Margaret Lea spend her days?

4. Why does the roof at Angelfield get worse soon after Hester leaves?

5. After several days of interviewing Vida Winter, Margaret decides she must leave for a few days. Why?

Short Essay Questions

1. When Margaret writes a card about Hester, what conclusion does she come to, and how does she act on this?

2. Describe Margaret's reaction to reading Vida Winter's books.

3. Relate the circumstances surrounding Isabelle's birth.

4. Give two details of the scenery Margaret describes on her way to meet Vida Winter.

5. When Hester arrives, she summons the twins, but they do not come. How does Hester handle this behavior?

6. Explain why Hester leaves Angelfield so suddenly.

7. Describe the contents of the letter which Margaret receives.

8. Describe why Hester and the doctor thought it might be important to separate the twins.

9. List a few specific details about Vida Winter's appearance on Margaret's first meeting.

10. Relate a few ways that the bookstore contributed to Margaret's education.

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