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Diane Setterfield
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is a perambulator?
(a) A heater which uses water.
(b) An early kind of phonograph or music player.
(c) A constable ( police officer).
(d) A baby carriage, or stroller.

2. When she learns the truth about being a twin, Margaret feels:
(a) Angry. She is furious that her parents had not told her the truth previously.
(b) Curious. She wants to learn more, and becomes intent on researching missing information.
(c) Enlightened. She now understands her lifelong feeling of loneliness.
(d) Elated. She is happy that she has a sister and is eager to meet her.

3. Who is in the perambulator for the dangerous ride downhill?
(a) The neighbor's dog.
(b) Emmaline.
(c) Merrily's baby.
(d) Adeline.

4. What does the chapter title, "Box of Lives" refer to?
(a) Margaret keeps a 3x5 card on many people, and she keepst these cards in a box.
(b) Winter keeps many items from her past in a safe in her bedroom; she finally shows the box to Margaret.
(c) Vida Winter says she keeps "opening up the box" to reveal the secrets of her past.
(d) Margaret finds an old box near the ruins of the old church.

5. How did Merrily get her name?
(a) When she was little, she sang the song called "Merrily, Happily, Longingly."
(b) Her parents named her Merrily.
(c) Her name was Mary Leigh, and she laughed often.
(d) Her mother had a clear, contagious laugh.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is one overwhelming first impression of Vida Winter's house?

2. What is Margaret's opinion about Vida Winter's writing?

3. Margaret says of herself, "gradually, my reading became less random." What becomes the primary interest, or focus, of her reading?

4. In literature, what are examples of the "Rule of Three" which Vida Winter cites?

5. Vida Winter is a prolific and well-known author. Besides her fame, what can be said about her physical appearance?

Short Essay Questions

1. List a few "odd" behaviors of the twins as they go about the countryside.

2. What happens to Mrs. Maudsley when she arrives at Angelfield to check on the twins?

3. Describe the contents of the letter which Margaret receives.

4. How are the twins becoming different from each other under Hester's guidance?

5. Relate a few ways that the bookstore contributed to Margaret's education.

6. After Isabelle leaves Angelfield for a short time, with whom did she return?

7. Contrast the difference in the way George Angelfield treats his two children.

8. Describe Margaret's reaction to reading Vida Winter's books.

9. Describe Judith, the housekeeper.

10. Describe what Margaret hears in the night soon after she arrives at the Winter house, and what she does when she hears this sound.

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