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Diane Setterfield
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Whom does Hester consult for advice about the children?
(a) The village priest.
(b) A child psychologist from London.
(c) Isabelle.
(d) Dr. Maudsley.

2. Hester 's and the doctor's actions result in what consequences?
(a) When they solve the ghost mystery, the town begins to like Hester.
(b) The doctor is proud of her work, and the experiment has been successful.
(c) Hester leaves Angelfield and the town immediately.
(d) She is able to publish her article.

3. Margaret realizes that this person may still be alive and could answer many questions about the twins' childhood. She writes a letter asking an investigator to find whom?
(a) Arurelius Love.
(b) John-the-dig.
(c) Emmeline.
(d) Hester.

4. What is the phrase from the letter Margaret has received that keeps running through Margaret's mind?
(a) "Tell me the truth."
(b) "You alone can help me."
(c) "Authors are liars."
(d) "I need to find myself."

5. What is surprising about the appearance of the letter for Margaret?
(a) It is handwritten by a person who is either a child or an invalid.
(b) Margaret's name is mispelled, and there is no return address.
(c) The type is faint and barely recognizable.
(d) Each line is in a new color of ink.

Short Answer Questions

1. Vida Winter learned most of the family history by listening to whose stories?

2. What is peculiar about the many interviews given by Vida Winter?

3. Is the report of the Angelfield fire confirmed by the Banbury Herald newspaper?

4. Margaret says of herself, "gradually, my reading became less random." What becomes the primary interest, or focus, of her reading?

5. What missing bit of information in the "book pages" of the Banbury Herald disappoints Margaret?

Short Essay Questions

1. List a few details that are used to describe Margaret's first impression of Vida Winter's house.

2. Describe Vida Winter's reaction to Margaret 's short leave of absence.

3. At one point in their first conversation, Margaret is uncomfortable and gets up to leave. What words of Vida Winter bring her back?

4. Describe the orientation of the Angelfield house.

5. Describe what Margaret hears in the night soon after she arrives at the Winter house, and what she does when she hears this sound.

6. Who raises the twins?

7. Describe Margaret's reaction to reading Vida Winter's books.

8. How are the twins becoming different from each other under Hester's guidance?

9. How does Margaret learn that she was a twin? Describe what she is doing and how she makes the discovery.

10. Relate the circumstances surrounding Isabelle's birth.

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