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Diane Setterfield
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Margaret begin her research to verify the three parts of Ms. Winter's story?
(a) At Angelfield.
(b) At home, in her own bookshop.
(c) In London, at the National Library.
(d) In the Governmental Records Building.

2. What is the first question Margaret asks Vida WInter?
(a) An explanation about the rumor that her house is haunted.
(b) Her real name.
(c) Whether Winter is terminally ill and fears death will end her life soon.
(d) What happened to the (missing) thirteenth story in her first book.

3. Where, and with whom, will Margaret eat her meals?
(a) Always in the large dining room with Winter.
(b) With Winter and her extended family in the large and noisy kitchen.
(c) Sometimes alone and sometimes in the kitchen with the children.
(d) Alone, in her bedroom.

4. In their first interview, Winter reveals to Margaret a painful bit of her history earlier than she wanted to.
(a) She had a child out of wedlock who died at age three.
(b) Her father was mentally ill and commited suicide.
(c) At age 16, she experienced a massive fire.
(d) She had eloped with a disreputable man; he left her after only seven months of marriage.

5. When the doctor comes to Angelfield, he recommends what?
(a) That the meals must change as their diets were insufficient.
(b) That her children be removed from her.
(c) That the entire house be closed down as uninhabitable.
(d) That Isabelle be sent to an asylum.

6. Who is in the perambulator for the dangerous ride downhill?
(a) The neighbor's dog.
(b) Adeline.
(c) Emmaline.
(d) Merrily's baby.

7. In the first interview, Margaret asks for three bits of information. What is the response to this from Vida Winter?
(a) She refuses, and threatens to find another author.
(b) She laughs, saying that five is a better number.
(c) She gives many examples from stories about the importance of three.
(d) She refuses to answer Margaret, saying she (Ms. Winter) will tell the story on her terms.

8. Who meets Margaret at the door of Miss Winter's house?
(a) Judith, the housekeeper.
(b) A cranky, impolite butler named Jansen.
(c) Miss Winter, herself.
(d) A young child who holds a large black dog on a leash.

9. What does Margaret do when she hears a mysterious sound late at night?
(a) Walks out into the garden to investigate.
(b) Wakes up John-the-dig, and tells him to bring his gun.
(c) Goes to stay with Aurelius, her only friend.
(d) Confronts Ms. Winter and asks for the truth.

10. The following is said about Vida Winter's appearance:
(a) She wears sunglasses, a bright pink scarf and white gloves.
(b) She wears expensive, colorful rings but is otherwise clothed in black.
(c) She wears expensive rings and a jeweled tiara.
(d) She wears sunglasses, white makeup, red lipstick.

11. What promise does Margaret ask of Winter before committing to the writing of her biography?
(a) Winter must be willing to offer editing and writing advice for Margaret's own writing.
(b) Margaret must be allowed to have freedom to come and go from the house.
(c) Winter must let them write outside in the garden, in the flowers.
(d) Winter must tell Margaret three facts that can be validated in public record.

12. What causes Margaret to run out of Angelfield on her first visit there?
(a) She hears someone scream her name.
(b) She hears a baby crying outside.
(c) The doorknob she is holding begins to turn from the other side.
(d) A woman in white comes after her with a knife.

13. What is significant about the name of the author, Vida Winter?
(a) It is clearly a pen name, and her real name is a mystery.
(b) "Vida" comes from the same root word as "vitality," meaning life.
(c) The former owner of the bookstore was named Jacob Winter.
(d) It is the same name as her father's relative.

14. Margaret says of herself, "gradually, my reading became less random." What becomes the primary interest, or focus, of her reading?
(a) Families torn apart by war and violence.
(b) The lives and memoirs of obscure writers.
(c) Historical fiction, especially from the thirteen century.
(d) Legends and superstitions centered on the number thirteen.

15. What is peculiar about the way Margaret must read "The Thirteen Tales?'
(a) She must wear white gloves.
(b) She doesn't want anyone to see her reading it, so she disguises it.
(c) Every thirteenth page, she searches for a clue to a mystery.
(d) Because of a printing error, she keeps turning it upside down.

Short Answer Questions

1. What happens to Roland, Isabelle's husband?

2. What pain does Margaret occasionally feel, especially at night?

3. What is one distinctive feature about Angelfield when Margaret first explores it?

4. Why does the roof at Angelfield get worse soon after Hester leaves?

5. At what age does Margaret discover she was a twin, and that this twin died at birth?

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