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Diane Setterfield
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Whom does Hester consult for advice about the children?
(a) A child psychologist from London.
(b) The village priest.
(c) Isabelle.
(d) Dr. Maudsley.

2. When the doctor comes to Angelfield, he recommends what?
(a) That the meals must change as their diets were insufficient.
(b) That Isabelle be sent to an asylum.
(c) That her children be removed from her.
(d) That the entire house be closed down as uninhabitable.

3. What process does Margaret use to write the biography?
(a) She has brought along a small portable typewriter; this works fine as her room is not close to others.
(b) She uses a small tape recorder; with this aid she can get nearly every conversation written down.
(c) She writes only key words in the interview, then immediately after elaborates with pencil and paper.
(d) She records every word of the interview, then goes back later to eliminate what is not important.

4. Where and with whom does Margaret Lea spend her days?
(a) Margaret loves the city's parks, and spends most days in the parks meandering with friends.
(b) In a small publishing house with her boyfriend.
(c) She works for a kind, elderly watchmaker who is also an author.
(d) In the used book store with her father who owns the store.

5. Where does Hester's lengthy conversation about the twins take place?
(a) On a boat, so that twins can not hear.
(b) In the twin's playroom.
(c) In the library.
(d) In the topiary garden.

6. What does Hester typically do after cleaning a room in Angelfield?
(a) Take down all of the pictures.
(b) Spray a perfume with the fragrance of lavendar.
(c) Lock the room.
(d) Invite the twins to see the difference.

7. Margaret receives a letter from her father with something enclosed. What is it?
(a) An old picture of Isabelle and Charlie as young children.
(b) An artice about Vida Winter's disease.
(c) A letter from a lawyer.
(d) A necklace from her mother.

8. Where does the first meeting between Margaret Lea and Vida Winter take place?
(a) In the hallway outside Margaret's bedroom, late at night.
(b) On the moors, outside the house.
(c) In the kitchen.
(d) In Winter's library.

9. Who is Mr. Lomax?
(a) The family solicitor, or attorney.
(b) A relative of Hester's.
(c) A friend of Charlie's, the only one Charlie will speak with.
(d) A newpaper publisher.

10. What odd behavior does Isabelle's father display in the early days of Isabelle's life?
(a) He becomes convinced people are stealing from him, so he becomes suspicious and miserly.
(b) He wanders the streets of the village at night, drunk.
(c) He gallops horses up and down the moors, often in the moonlight.
(d) He refuses to come out of his room; he does not eat or sleep.

11. What item of Charles Dickens, the author, does Vida Winter discuss with Margaret?
(a) A forgotten manuscript by the famous author.
(b) The exact desk which Dickens owned which Margaret is using to write.
(c) A picture of Dickens with Vida Winter as a child.
(d) A picture of him with characters above his head.

12. Winter's frankness and honesty create a strong first reaction in Margaret. Early in their first conversation, Margaret:
(a) Becomes angry at the way Winter treats her housekeeper, Judith.
(b) Rises from her chair, and nearly exits the room.
(c) Begins crying with strong sadness at the first story she is told.
(d) Is shocked by the sordid details of Winter's immoral past.

13. What is the first question Margaret asks Vida WInter?
(a) What happened to the (missing) thirteenth story in her first book.
(b) An explanation about the rumor that her house is haunted.
(c) Whether Winter is terminally ill and fears death will end her life soon.
(d) Her real name.

14. What is tragic about the birth of Isabelle, the twins' mother?
(a) Her father died trying to get home in a storm to help with the birth of the child.
(b) The baby was deprived of oxygen, and her mother died in childbirth.
(c) Her father killed her mother as soon as the baby was born.
(d) Her parents wanted a boy; they initially thought of killing her.

15. Who meets Margaret at the door of Miss Winter's house?
(a) Judith, the housekeeper.
(b) A young child who holds a large black dog on a leash.
(c) A cranky, impolite butler named Jansen.
(d) Miss Winter, herself.

Short Answer Questions

1. When Winter returns to the telling of her story, she talks of the village men asking for Dr. Maudsley's help with the twins. How does the doctor first attempt to solve the problem?

2. Vida Winter learned most of the family history by listening to whose stories?

3. What causes Margaret to run out of Angelfield on her first visit there?

4. In literature, what are examples of the "Rule of Three" which Vida Winter cites?

5. Where, and with whom, will Margaret eat her meals?

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