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Diane Setterfield
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part One, Beginnings: Arrival and Meeting Miss Winter.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Margaret says, "the hours between eight in the evening and one or two in the morning have always been my magic hours." What does she do during these hours?
(a) She reads through numerous books.
(b) She enjoys the company of her friends in small tea shops around London.
(c) She finds contentment and pride as she writes her stories.
(d) She has conversations with her mother and aunt which are always interesting and often humorous.

2. The following can be said about the bookshop:
(a) All of the answers are true.
(b) Most of the store's income is gained through rare book transactions.
(c) Students come to sell and resell textbooks.
(d) There are seven rooms of used books.

3. In the beginning of the book, who has sent Margaret a surprising letter?
(a) Vida Winter's daughter.
(b) Margaret's twin, separated from Margaret for years.
(c) Vida Winter, an author.
(d) The manager of Vida Winter's estate.

4. Where and with whom does Margaret Lea spend her days?
(a) In the used book store with her father who owns the store.
(b) Margaret loves the city's parks, and spends most days in the parks meandering with friends.
(c) In a small publishing house with her boyfriend.
(d) She works for a kind, elderly watchmaker who is also an author.

5. What is the phrase from the letter Margaret has received that keeps running through Margaret's mind?
(a) "Tell me the truth."
(b) "I need to find myself."
(c) "Authors are liars."
(d) "You alone can help me."

Short Answer Questions

1. What is significant about the name of the author, Vida Winter?

2. Vida Winter is a prolific and well-known author. Besides her fame, what can be said about her physical appearance?

3. When she learns the truth about being a twin, Margaret feels:

4. At what age does Margaret discover she was a twin, and that this twin died at birth?

5. Who meets Margaret at the door of Miss Winter's house?

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