The Thirteenth Tale Character Descriptions

Diane Setterfield
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Margaret Lea

This character writes non-fiction and biographical works, lives and works in a bookstore. This character is called upon to interview and write the story of a famous author.

Vida Winter

This character is a famous writer who has spent an entire career making up a past that does not exist. This writer decides that the real story must be told, so this novel is about this person's past.

Isabelle Angelfield

This person is the daughter of a wealthy family whose mother died the night she was born and her father fell into a deep depression.

Charles Angelfield

This character is happy to be left without parental supervision because this leaves him alone to torture the staff with many pranks and practical jokes. In later years he is reclusive.

Emmeline March

This character has a twin with whom she spends the majority of her time. She is...

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