The Thirteenth Tale Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Diane Setterfield
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Part One, Beginnings: The Letter, Margaret's Story, and Thirteen Tales

• Margaret Lea, a young woman who works in the family's rare bookstore, receives a letter from Vida WInter, a popular author.

• Winter invites Margaret to come for interviews and write about Winter's life.
• Margaret reveals a tragedy that has marked her own family: the death of her twin.

• Readers learn of the bookstore, Margaret's propensity to read, and of her mother's depression.
• The "thirteenth tale" is explained: Vida Winter's first book was a collection of short stories, but only twelve of the promised thirteen stories were published.

• After reading much of WInter's work, Margaret's interest is piqued, and she looks ahead to meeting the author.

Part One, Beginnings: Arrival and Meeting Miss Winter

• Margaret is taken by train and then car to a remote house in the north of England. It is in the desolate moors.

• Vida Winters'...

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