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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Aubrey feel about Standish's problem?
(a) He finds it humorous.
(b) Angry.
(c) Irritated.
(d) Sympathetic.

2. Who is the second lieutenant aboard the Diane?
(a) Haynes.
(b) Richardson.
(c) Moffit.
(d) Sothby.

3. Who arrives close to departure of the Surprise to go with them?
(a) Mr. Thomas.
(b) Mr. Hawthorne.
(c) Mr. Standish.
(d) Mr. Greaves.

4. What is Maturin's occupation?
(a) Farmer.
(b) Surgeon.
(c) Merchant.
(d) Ship captain.

5. Who decides to hire Standish as his personal secretary?
(a) Duke Wellington.
(b) Sir Joseph.
(c) The Prince of Orange.
(d) A music lover army officer.

Short Answer Questions

1. What position does Blyth hold on the Diane?

2. Why was a former loblolly who Maturin knew arrested and transported?

3. Maturin thinks about his earlier life living in a country in Chapter 2. What is that country?

4. What does Edward Fox ask Aubrey about in Chapter 4?

5. Who is the surgeon aboard the Diane?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why can't Maturin collect specimens while on leave?

2. How does Maturin and van Buren's relationship evolve?

3. What does Maturin think about as they sail along the coast of Ireland?

4. What kind of daily observations does Aubrey take and why does he take them?

5. What surprises the English about the Sultan and their offer and what does Maturin think about the Sultan's behavior?

6. Who sets up camp on the island, what does the crew see after the storm and what do they believe they can do about their predicament?

7. What new orders are Aubrey given in Lisbon?

8. Who shows up right before departure to join the crew and in what position?

9. What catastrophe occurs one night and where does it happen?

10. What does Maturin bring to van Buren's house and what do the two men do?

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