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She is a private man-of-war, owned by Stephen Maturin, and captained by Jack Aubrey and then Tom Pullings.

HMS Diane

She is a french man-of-war who was captured by Aubrey in an audacious cutting-out expedition described in a previous novel of the series.


This is a British colony and strong outpost, overseen by Governor Raffles.

Pulo Prabang

This is a fictional state in Malaysia, said to be fairly piratical in outlook.

The Buddhist Monastery at Kumai

This is a fictional locale in the nation of Pulo Prabang. It is located high in the mountains and is reached by a pathway known as the 1,000 steps because of its steep ascent.

The Treaty

The basic premise of the novel concerns Britain's desire to sign this with the fictional nation of Pulo Prabang.

The False Natunas

These are a fictional group of islets and submerged reefs probably intended to...

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