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Surprise - She is a private man-of-war, owned by Stephen Maturin, and captained by Jack Aubrey and then Tom Pullings.

HMS Diane - She is a french man-of-war who was captured by Aubrey in an audacious cutting-out expedition described in a previous novel of the series.

Batavia - This is a British colony and strong outpost, overseen by Governor Raffles.

Pulo Prabang - This is a fictional state in Malaysia, said to be fairly piratical in outlook.

The Buddhist Monastery at Kumai - This is a fictional locale in the nation of Pulo Prabang. It is located high in the mountains and is reached by a pathway known as the 1,000 steps because of its steep ascent.

The Treaty - The basic premise of the novel concerns Britain's desire to sign this with the fictional nation of Pulo Prabang.

The False Natunas - These are a fictional group...

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