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Brian O'Nolan
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Divney claim the narrator can't be there?
(a) He died of cancer.
(b) He killed him.
(c) He set him to America.
(d) He can't walk.

2. What else other than water did de Selby's experiments require?
(a) Loud hammering.
(b) Screaming babies.
(c) Screaming girls.
(d) Lots of shouting.

3. Why is Pluck reluctant to put the narrator in a cell?
(a) He does not like to coop people up.
(b) He wants to sleep in the cell himself.
(c) He keeps his bicycle there.
(d) He wants the cell free for someone else.

4. What is different about Divney?
(a) He looks like the devil.
(b) He looks much older.
(c) He looks like a bicycle.
(d) He looks much younger.

5. Who does Fox look like?
(a) Pluck.
(b) Dilaney.
(c) Mathers.
(d) The narrator.

6. What is Divney doing when the narrator enters his house?
(a) Drinking.
(b) Smoking.
(c) Laughing.
(d) Reading.

7. What does the narrator say someone stole from him?
(a) A bicycle lamp.
(b) A bicycle pump.
(c) A bicycle.
(d) A bicycle lock.

8. What does MacCruiskeen say is the stuff of everything?
(a) Omnium.
(b) Magnesuim.
(c) Goruium.
(d) Gangian.

9. Who sent up another balloon to find the man?
(a) His neighbors.
(b) His children.
(c) His parents.
(d) His wife.

10. What is de Selby's idea of heaven bound up with?
(a) Men.
(b) Water.
(c) Women.
(d) Fire.

11. Who accosts the narrator at Mathers' house?
(a) Fox.
(b) Mathers.
(c) Dilaney.
(d) MacCruiskeen.

12. What happens to you while you are in eternity?
(a) You don't change.
(b) You feel ill at ease.
(c) You grow old quickly.
(d) You grow younger.

13. What does Pluck show the narrator?
(a) A map of the area.
(b) Pictures of his children.
(c) His sore feet.
(d) His flat bicycle tire.

14. What is the builder's leg made from?
(a) Wood.
(b) Plastic.
(c) Stone.
(d) Metal.

15. What does MacCruiskeen put together after he is finished with his music?
(a) A mangle.
(b) A television.
(c) A telephone.
(d) A trumpet.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Fox say is on the way to save the narrator?

2. Where do Pluck and MacCruiskeen sleep?

3. What does the narrator eventually arrive back to?

4. Who does Pluck say wants to die?

5. What does the narrator work up the courage to ask about?

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