Objects & Places from The Third Policeman

Brian O'Nolan
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The Farm

The narrator grows up here. When he returns from school, he lets the crooked Divney take over.

The Public House

The narrator's mother runs this in the family's home on the farm.

Golden Hours by de Selby

This is the first of de Selby's books that the narrator reads, and the narrator steals a copy of it from his school.

De Selby Index

The narrator writes a definitive review of de Selby and all his critics called by this name.

The Moneybox

The narrator and Divney murder Mathers for his this.

The Police Barracks

This building is oddly one-dimensional looking, like a roadside sign instead of an actual building.

Atomic Theory

Sergeant Pluck explains this as meaning that everything is made up of small particles of itself, so that Pluck is made up of small Pluck particles, and sheep are made up of small sheep particles...

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