The Third Policeman Character Descriptions

Brian O'Nolan
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The Narrator

When his parents die, he is sent away to school where he becomes a follower of the philosopher de Selby. He is a weak character who allows himself to lose his identity to others.

John Divney

He siphons money off the pub and shirks his duties around the farm. He robs the pub's patrons while they are drunk. The narrator lets him get away with his crookedness for the opportunity to be left alone and work on his review of the philosopher de Selby.

de Selby

His work is full of bizarre ideas. He believes that the earth is sausage-shaped instead of round and that accessing the lengthwise dimension of the world will free people from difficulties.

Phillip Mathers

He answers no to every question, believing that answering yes is taking the risk of being led into an immoral act.

Pegeen Meers

Divney's girlfriend.



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