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Vince Flynn
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who books a hotel as Mary Jones?
(a) Scott Coleman.
(b) Donatella Rahn.
(c) Jeff Duser.
(d) Anna Reilly.

2. Who does Mitch order to do a search of former intelligence workers?
(a) Marcus Dumond.
(b) Anna Reilly.
(c) Scott Coleman.
(d) Jeff Duser.

3. At the beginning of Chapter 36, what does Mitch demand Cameron to tell him?
(a) Who he is working for.
(b) Where Anna is.
(c) Nothing.
(d) How much money he is earning.

4. Who tells the kidnappers not to go near Anna?
(a) Irene Kennedy.
(b) Senator Clark.
(c) Thomas Stansfield.
(d) The Professor.

5. Who is the man in the Sedan at the gas station?
(a) Special Agent Salem.
(b) Jeff Duser.
(c) Thomas Stansfield.
(d) Peter Cameron.

6. Who notices that the men in the house have guns?
(a) Thomas Stansfield.
(b) Anna Reilly.
(c) Mitch Rapp.
(d) Irene Kennedy.

7. What does Mitch decide to do before following through with his plan?
(a) Send an email.
(b) Make a call.
(c) Buy a new gun.
(d) Kill his dog.

8. When Mitch enters the house, he shoots this person who is sitting on the pillow?
(a) Jeff Duser.
(b) Scott Coleman.
(c) Thomas Stansfield.
(d) Irene Kennedy.

9. Who assist Mitch in his search for the person responsible for trying to kill him?
(a) Irene Kennedy.
(b) Scott Coleman.
(c) Thomas Stansfield.
(d) Anna Reilly.

10. What does Clark tell Cameron to do?
(a) Find the Jansens.
(b) Find out as much information about Anna as possible.
(c) Leave the country immediately.
(d) Retire from his job as a college professor.

11. Who tells President Hayes that there may be a leak in the government?
(a) Jeff Duser.
(b) Scott Coleman.
(c) Anna Reilly.
(d) John Stansfield.

12. Where is Mitch looking at profiles on the computer?
(a) Marcus Dumond's apartment.
(b) His house.
(c) Anna Reilly's cabin.
(d) Peter Cameron's office.

13. Who does Anna Rielly call to say that everything is returning to normal?
(a) Liz O'Rourke.
(b) Jeff Duser.
(c) Mitch Rapp.
(d) Scott Coleman.

14. When Salem returns to Mitch's house, who answers his question?
(a) Agent Palachuck.
(b) Anna Reilly.
(c) Irene Kennedy.
(d) Thomas Stansfield.

15. Who is Irene on her way to talk to in Chapter 21?
(a) Rapp.
(b) Coleman.
(c) Hayes.
(d) Stansfield.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is "Mary Jones" trained as?

2. Whose phone rings when Mitch makes a call after speaking with Villaume?

3. What does Cameron run the risk of by Lukas' death?

4. Who traces Mitch's call to Cameron?

5. What does Clark instruct be done with Anna Rielly?

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