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Vince Flynn
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who visits Anna's apartment with Mitch?
(a) Anna Reilly.
(b) Irene Kennedy.
(c) Scott Coleman.
(d) Jeff Duser.

2. What does Clark instruct be done with Anna Rielly?
(a) He tells Cameron to kidnap her.
(b) She must be prohibited from contacting Mitch.
(c) She should be hidden.
(d) She must be killed.

3. What does Cameron ask Mitch to guarantee if he gives him what he wants?
(a) A new house.
(b) Money.
(c) Cameron's safety.
(d) Forgiveness.

4. Where does Mitch park?
(a) At the train station.
(b) At his house.
(c) On Lingomore Drive.
(d) In front of Stansfield's house.

5. Where do Agent Pelachuck and Agent Salem take Anna?
(a) Stansfield's house in Washington, D.C.
(b) Cameron's office.
(c) Mitch's house in Maryland.
(d) Anna's apartment.

6. Where does Mitch attach a bomb?
(a) To Anna's purse.
(b) To Salem's car.
(c) To Irene's wig.
(d) To Salem's testicles.

7. Who stops Anna Rielly after work?
(a) Jeff Duser.
(b) Liz O'Rourke.
(c) Scott Coleman.
(d) Two FBI agents.

8. Who does Clark think he must get rid of as soon as possible?
(a) Anna Reilly.
(b) Peter Cameron.
(c) Irene Kennedy.
(d) Mitch Rapp.

9. How does Cameron introduce himself to Anna?
(a) He tells her he is Peter Cameron from the George Washington University.
(b) As Scott Coleman from the CIA.
(c) As Barry Leznor from the FBI.
(d) He says he is Mitch Rapp.

10. What does Mitch ask Irene?
(a) When he is getting his raise.
(b) He asks if Irene loves him.
(c) Why she sent men to kill him.
(d) Why she did not answer his calls.

11. What is "Mary Jones" trained as?
(a) A computer hacker.
(b) A CIA agent.
(c) An assassin for the Israeli government.
(d) A reporter.

12. What does Cameron run the risk of by Lukas' death?
(a) Exposing his identity.
(b) Losing money.
(c) Getting arrested.
(d) Alerting Mitch.

13. When Salem returns to Mitch's house, who answers his question?
(a) Irene Kennedy.
(b) Agent Palachuck.
(c) Anna Reilly.
(d) Thomas Stansfield.

14. At the end of Chapter 30, about what is Clark secretly pleased?
(a) Mitch's disappearance.
(b) Anna's kidnapping.
(c) Causing friction.
(d) President Hayes' anger.

15. What does Villaume know that Cameron did?
(a) Try to kill Mitch.
(b) Work for Senator Clark.
(c) Hire Duser to kill Lukas.
(d) Kill the Jansens.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Cameron do at the end of Chapter 40?

2. Who has accepted a contract to kill Cameron?

3. Who does Mitch wire with a microphone?

4. Who does Mitch ask whether they have contacted Scott Coleman?

5. Why does the person Mitch calls have multiple phones?

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