Objects & Places from The Third Option

Vince Flynn
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The White House - This is where Stansfield and Irene Kennedy go for numerous meetings with the President.

Dumond's Apartment - This is where Mitch finds refuge upon his return to Washington.

Washington - This is the main setting of the novel.

Germany - After assassinating Count Hagenmiller, Mitch has to flee this place for France.

Count Heinrich Hagenmiller's house - Mitch sets fire to this after killing Count Hagenmiller, resulting in the destruction of many valuable paintings.

Congressional Country Club - This is where Hank Clark, Rudin and Midleton plot the downfall of Irene Kennedy.

Stansfield's House - John Stansfield chooses to stay here instead of going to the hospital.

The Jansen's House - This is where Cameron kills the Jansens.

George Washington University - This is where Peter Cameron works.

Hank Clark's Study - This is where Clark likes to lock himself in with his...

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