The Third Option Character Descriptions

Vince Flynn
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Mitch Rapp

This 32 year old character works for the CIA as a counter terrorist.

Hank Clark

This character is the fifth richest person in the senate.

Anna Rielly

This 30 year old character is NBC's White House correspondent.

Peter Cameron

This character is a former CIA agent in his late forties.

Albert Rudin

This character is one of the longest-serving Democrats in the government.

Scott Coleman

This character is an ex-commander in the Navy Seals.

Dr. Irene Kennedy

This character is the 42 year old director of the CIA counter terrorism department and the head of the Orion Team.

Thomas Stansfield

This 79 year old character is the leader of the CIA and is dying of cancer.

President Hayes

This character is a popular Democrat who has the support of seventy percent of the U. S. population.

Mario Lukas

This character helps assassinate the Jansens.

Gus Villaume

This character is a...

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