The Third Option Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Vince Flynn
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Chapters 1-5

• As Mitch Rapp walks the grounds of Count Hagenmiller's mansion, observing the situation for that evening's mission, he notices the Count has dogs, but they should not be a problem since they are not hunting dogs.

• Returning to the forest, Mitch knocks on the door of a hut, owned by Jim and Jane Hoffman who are also CIA agents, and Jane tells Mitch that fifty people will be present at the party.

• Dr. Irene Kennedy, the unofficial head of the CIA's Orion Team, arrives at Camp David via helicopter and is escorted to see President Hayes.

• President Hayes decides to go after Saddam Hussein since terrorists funded by Hussein attacked the White House not long ago.
• Irene Kennedy discusses Mitch's current assignment in Germany, and President Hayes says Mitch can proceed with the assignment though he reminds Kennedy that this meeting and the six preceding it...

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