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Dana Reinhardt
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why do several men lift up Jack onto the stage?
(a) There is no ramp.
(b) His wheelchair tire is flat.
(c) They are yelling for him to speak.
(d) They do not put him on stage, but bring him the microphone.

2. What does Christina tell Levi about her breakup with Boaz?
(a) It was complicated.
(b) She says Levi has no right to know.
(c) It was on Boaz's part alone.
(d) It was Christina's choice.

3. How do things go between Boaz and Levi over the next two days?
(a) They have very little interaction
(b) They chat about superficial matters
(c) Boaz explains what he is doing
(d) Boaz is surly

4. What does Celine tell Levi she thought he was going to do the night before?
(a) Kiss her
(b) Take her for a walk
(c) Tell Boaz to go on without Levi
(d) Stay up longer

5. What astonishes Levi when they reach Celine's aunt's house?
(a) Boaz treats Celine's aunt like an old friend.
(b) Celine is sitting on the front porch.
(c) Celine has a twin brother who is at the aunt's house.
(d) The aunt is not home and just left a note and the house keys.

6. What does Levi find in Boaz's closet?
(a) A letter to him
(b) A service revolver
(c) A letter from another soldier
(d) A phone Amanda bought for Boaz

7. What does Jack say when Levi mentions the million strong rally?
(a) Jack is to talk at the rally.
(b) Boaz is one of the organizers of the rally.
(c) Boaz is supposed to talk at the rally.
(d) It is not where they are headed.

8. Where does Levi take his skateboard?
(a) The Museum of American History
(b) An area near the White House
(c) The Museum of Natural History
(d) The Washington Monument

9. Why does Levi call Christina early the next morning?
(a) To tell her Boaz has a new girlfriend
(b) To warn her they are coming to Washington, D.C.
(c) To ask if Boaz has called her at all
(d) He doesn't call her

10. What does Levi wonder about Christina?
(a) If Boaz would still be interested in her if she were not dating Max
(b) If Boaz's pilgrimage is about her
(c) If she will see Boaz again
(d) If she still loves Boaz

11. What does Levi wonder when he sees Boaz walking down the street?
(a) If Boaz will find some peace wherever he's going.
(b) If Levi will ever see his brother again.
(c) If Boaz cares about anyone but himself.
(d) If Boaz is really going to hike the Appalachian trail.

12. What does Boaz tell Levi he thinks is broken?
(a) Nothing
(b) Boaz's motherboard
(c) Boaz's foot
(d) Boaz's arm

13. What does Zim give Levi for Levi's birthday?
(a) Programmable sim card
(b) Small camera
(c) Ticket to a concert
(d) Skateboard

14. What does Celine say she has to re-learn?
(a) How to be a young person
(b) How to interact with her parents
(c) How to talk to her brother
(d) Caring about little things

15. What is the reason Boaz says he walks instead of rides?
(a) To honor his friends who died in the war.
(b) Because he can walk.
(c) He is afraid of killing someone accidentally in a car.
(d) He is freaked out by the noise of vehicles.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Levi rush outside?

2. What do Levi and Celine decide they have in common?

3. Where does Dov get a lunch for Boaz?

4. What does Boaz say when Levi honestly tells Jack how Boaz is?

5. What does Boaz take up on stage with him?

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