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Dana Reinhardt
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What was Christina's response to Boaz's announcement that he had joined the military?
(a) She thought he was patriotic.
(b) She thought he was a hero.
(c) People in their class did not do that.
(d) She was angry that he was throwing away his life.

2. Where are Levi and Zim?
(a) At the yogurt shop
(b) At a movie
(c) At the video store
(d) At the gym

3. Why does Boaz's father slam his fist on the table?
(a) He is angry that Amanda bothers Boaz.
(b) He is angry that Boaz can be recalled to the service.
(c) He is angry with the Army for not providing counseling for Boaz.
(d) He wants to know when Boaz is going to come out of his room.

4. Why do Pearl and Levi climb out on the roof?
(a) So Pearl can smoke.
(b) To look at the constellations.
(c) So they can have an alcoholic drink.
(d) So Levi can smoke.

5. What videos does Boaz look at?
(a) Cartoons
(b) Romance
(c) Amateur videos of desert combat
(d) War movies

6. What does Zim say everyone does?
(a) Lies
(b) Seeks privacy
(c) Cries
(d) Stays preoccupied with their own stuff

7. With whom is Christina going away for the summer?
(a) Boaz
(b) Max
(c) By herself
(d) Her best friend

8. What does Levi worry will happen?
(a) The present Boaz will be here forever.
(b) Boaz will do something drastic.
(c) Levi will have to explain about Boaz to other friends.
(d) Boaz will not want Levi in his life anymore.

9. Who does Levi usually meet with to compare homework?
(a) Pearl
(b) No one
(c) Zim
(d) Joshua

10. When does Shabbat occur?
(a) Twice a year
(b) Friday nights
(c) Once a year
(d) Wednesday nights

11. What does Levi find when he returns from a jog?
(a) Boaz's former girlfriend is on the porch
(b) Boaz is sitting in the kitchen eating
(c) Zim is on the porch with Levi's mother
(d) Boaz is mowing the lawn

12. About what does Dov always tease Levi?
(a) Levi's idea of fun
(b) Levi's way with girls
(c) Levi's long hair
(d) Levi's jeans that are really worn

13. Why does the family think Boaz will be coming down for dinner?
(a) He asks for clean clothes.
(b) They hear him banging around in his room.
(c) They hear the shower and Boaz's razor.
(d) He told Amanda he might come down for dinner.

14. What tattoo does Christina have on her ankle?
(a) Butterfly
(b) Heart with Boaz's initials
(c) Marine Corps Symbol
(d) Dolphin

15. Who is Max?
(a) Dov's maintenance worker
(b) Levi's Hebrew teacher
(c) Christina's boyfriend
(d) Christina's dog

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Levi tell his friends about Boaz?

2. Who is Pearl?

3. What does Amanda do several times a day?

4. What does Pearl say to comfort Levi about Boaz?

5. What does Levi say Boaz used to have?

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