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Dana Reinhardt
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is one thing Levi's parents have continued doing over the years?
(a) Attending synagogue
(b) Going dancing
(c) Going to the movies
(d) Going to Dov's house for Sunday brunch

2. What does Levi find when he returns from a jog?
(a) Boaz's former girlfriend is on the porch
(b) Zim is on the porch with Levi's mother
(c) Boaz is sitting in the kitchen eating
(d) Boaz is mowing the lawn

3. How does Levi now feel about Boaz?
(a) He is not sure
(b) Love
(c) Hate
(d) Disgust

4. Why does the family think Boaz will be coming down for dinner?
(a) He told Amanda he might come down for dinner.
(b) They hear the shower and Boaz's razor.
(c) They hear him banging around in his room.
(d) He asks for clean clothes.

5. What does Levi suggest Christina do?
(a) Call Boaz on the phone
(b) Bring Boaz's best friend from high school over
(c) Stay away a while longer
(d) Come by and convince him to go somewhere

6. How old are Zim and Levi when they meet?
(a) 7
(b) 15
(c) 4
(d) 12

7. Where does Levi think Boaz is going to go?
(a) To Canada
(b) Back to the Middle East
(c) To San Francisco
(d) South towards Washington, D.C.

8. What time does Boaz head back up to this room?
(a) 9:00
(b) While everyone is still eating
(c) 10:00
(d) 7:30

9. Why is Levi thrilled about Boaz?
(a) He is engaged.
(b) He is no longer in danger.
(c) He has written Levi to invite him to a brothers-only get together.
(d) He has received a full scholarship to college.

10. What does Levi notice all over Boaz's room when he goes into the room?
(a) Pictures of war
(b) Pictures of Christina
(c) Maps
(d) The walls are stripped bare

11. What videos does Boaz look at?
(a) Cartoons
(b) Romance
(c) Amateur videos of desert combat
(d) War movies

12. What does Boaz say when Levi tells Boaz where Dov wants to take them?
(a) He has never like camping.
(b) He is going job seaching and cannot make it.
(c) He will catch up with them later.
(d) He is not interested.

13. What is the setting of the opening scene of the novel?
(a) Tel Aviv
(b) Jerusalem
(c) San Francisco
(d) Boston

14. When does Shabbat occur?
(a) Once a year
(b) Wednesday nights
(c) Twice a year
(d) Friday nights

15. What does Pearl worry about concerning Boaz?
(a) He won't go to college now.
(b) He might be on drugs.
(c) He will move away from the family.
(d) He might be suicidal.

Short Answer Questions

1. In what branch of the service did Boaz serve?

2. What happens about Levi's job application/

3. What realization is dawning on Levi?

4. Who is Pearl?

5. What does Levi tell his mother Boaz may need?

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