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Dana Reinhardt
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Levi say Boaz used to have?
(a) A fun personality
(b) A death wish
(c) Everything
(d) Levi's admiration

2. Where are Levi and Zim?
(a) At the gym
(b) At a movie
(c) At the yogurt shop
(d) At the video store

3. What does Levi know not to ask Boaz?
(a) If he is going back to college.
(b) If he is going to stay at home long.
(c) Why he won't see Christine.
(d) Why he is obsessed with maps.

4. Why does Levi not feel badly about going out?
(a) Boaz told him to go.
(b) He planned this outing before they knew Boaz would be home.
(c) He hasn't gone out in several weeks.
(d) Boaz is holed up in his room anyway.

5. When does Shabbat occur?
(a) Once a year
(b) Friday nights
(c) Wednesday nights
(d) Twice a year

6. What does Levi find when he returns from a jog?
(a) Boaz's former girlfriend is on the porch
(b) Boaz is sitting in the kitchen eating
(c) Boaz is mowing the lawn
(d) Zim is on the porch with Levi's mother

7. In what service had Abba and Dov served?
(a) The USAF
(b) The US Army
(c) None
(d) The Israeli Army

8. What realization is dawning on Levi?
(a) Boaz is a stranger.
(b) Levi has to be the strong one now.
(c) Levi has to be the leader now.
(d) Boaz is in deep psychological trouble.

9. Why does Boaz come downstairs?
(a) To get a sandwich
(b) To tell Christina to go away
(c) To give Levi a letter to mail
(d) To take Christina home

10. What do the Goldblatts do when Pearl is eleven months old?
(a) Change citizenship
(b) Decide to raise Pearl as a Catholic
(c) Move to Boston
(d) Adopt Pearl

11. What does Levi say about his brother when asked at the movies?
(a) He is talking about re-enlisting.
(b) He just stays in his room.
(c) He is seeing a psychiatrist.
(d) He is doing well and has gotten a job.

12. What does Zim say everyone does?
(a) Cries
(b) Seeks privacy
(c) Stays preoccupied with their own stuff
(d) Lies

13. What did Levi do as a little boy when he would wake during the night?
(a) Tell himself stories
(b) Cry until his mother came into his room
(c) Nothing; Levi was a really sound sleeper.
(d) Crawl in bed with his parents

14. Why does Boaz's father slam his fist on the table?
(a) He wants to know when Boaz is going to come out of his room.
(b) He is angry that Amanda bothers Boaz.
(c) He is angry that Boaz can be recalled to the service.
(d) He is angry with the Army for not providing counseling for Boaz.

15. What does Levi think Boaz may be doing?
(a) Trying to heal himself
(b) Planning something
(c) Trying to gain sympathy
(d) Waiting out his family

Short Answer Questions

1. What happens about Levi's job application/

2. What does Levi's father want his sons to call him?

3. Why does the family think Boaz will be coming down for dinner?

4. What does Levi think has disappeared?

5. What does Levi notice when Christina returns?

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