Objects & Places from The Things a Brother Knows

Dana Reinhardt
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Boston, Massachusetts

Levi Katznelson lives in a small community with his parents and older brother, Boaz, on the outskirts of this city.

Bay City High School

Levi attends this school.


Abba and Dov were both born here.

Improvised Explosive Device

These are bombs that are made by hand by enemy combatants.

Appalachian Trail

Boaz lies to his family and tells them that he is going to be hiking this over the summer.

New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland

These are states through which Boaz and Levi walk.

Washington, D.C.

Levi assumes that Boaz is walking here to join a rally in support of the troops, but he is wrong. The rally, which was called Million Strong for America, does take placehere.

Walter Reed Memorial Hospital

When Levi and Boaz first arrive in Washington, DC, they go directly here.

Museum of American History

Levi calls his family and friends...

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