The Things a Brother Knows Essay Topics & Writing Assignments

Dana Reinhardt
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Essay Topic 1

Seventeen-year-old Levi's older brother is coming home after three years in the service and serving in the war. Levi is cautious with his feelings. He used to look up to his brother, but Boaz' decision to join the military has had a very negative impact on the family. Levi doesn't understand the war, why it was necessary or why his brother would volunteer to be part of it.

It is obvious that Levi harbors a good deal of bitterness about his brother's decision. His mother has been worrying non-stop for three years. Levi thinks deep down that Boaz' decision was selfish.

1. Discuss the impact Boaz joining the Marines had on his family. Use examples from The Things a Brother Knows and your own life to support your answer.

2. Discuss the reasons Boaz might have volunteered for the Marines and the reasons Levi might not agree with...

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