The Things a Brother Knows Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Dana Reinhardt
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Chapter One

• Levi is conflicted about his brother, Boaz's, return home after his service in the Marines ended.

• Boaz's visits home during his time at war showed a man who had withdrawn more and more from his family and his brother, Levi.

• Mrs. Bowers at school had announced in glowing terms, the homecoming of Boaz and his service in the Marines.

• Levi gets together with his good friend Zim, who he has known since age seven, to compare homework papers.

• Levi is thrilled Boaz is coming home safe from a war that he does not understand.
• Boaz chose to enlist despite his family and friends not understanding.

• Amanda is not putting up any welcome home signs as she is afraid if she does, it will be bad luck and something will happen to Boaz.

• Pearl, who is Levi's best friend, comes over and she and Levi climb onto...

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