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Short Answer Questions

1. Private ownership led to what cultural development?

2. According to Veblen, property became a prerequisite for what?

3. Vicarious consumption reflects whose standing?

4. How must a man of leisure act?

5. What distinguishes devout structures from other buildings?

Short Essay Questions

1. What do expensive clothes say about a person?

2. What status is attributed to scholars?

3. How does wealth stratify society?

4. What was the earliest form of ownership?

5. How are the different social classes distinguished?

6. What is the purpose of leisure?

7. How did women practice production and consumption in early predatory culture?

8. How are churches and ornate buildings related to conspicuous waste?

9. How have women's clothes demonstrated that the woman does not engage in productive employment?

10. How did primitive societies divide the labor?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Why does society need to have its industrial efficiency reduced through devout observances and the belief in unseen hands? What would happen if society accelerated toward efficiency? What does reducing efficiency allow for a leisure class? What does it offer for the other classes?

Essay Topic 2

How are women of the leisure class different from men? How are their roles and responsibilities different? How are they the same? Do women express traits of other classes besides the leisure class? If so, what are those traits.

Essay Topic 3

The master-slave dialectic posits that the masters need the slaves and that the slaves cannot function in an organized way without the masters. But Veblen's theories of vicarious leisure and vicarious consumption describe the servant class as mere evidence of the wealth of the master class. What economic agency does Veblen attribute to the servant class? Does the servant class make itself necessary to the leisure class?

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