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Short Answer Questions

1. Who engages in vicarious consumption?

2. What term does Veblen use to describe horses and dogs?

3. What does Veblen say possessions indicate in an ownership society?

4. Private ownership led to what cultural development?

5. What happens to the standard of wealth over time?

Short Essay Questions

1. How did women practice production and consumption in early predatory culture?

2. How does the leisure class view work?

3. How does style ensure conspicuous waste?

4. What kinds of feats replace productivity for the leisure class?

5. How are habits formed?

6. How have women's clothes demonstrated that the woman does not engage in productive employment?

7. What was the earliest form of ownership?

8. What are the two conditions necessary for the development of the leisure class?

9. What is the relationship between the necessities of life and an individual's standard of living?

10. How are the different social classes distinguished?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Describe how "The Theory of the Leisure Class" applies to two professions: one where the profession fits Veblen's language very well, and another where Veblen's language does not apply as neatly.

Essay Topic 2

At what rank does the leisure class end in industrial culture? Is it just the upper classes, or are all people leisure class if they are anywhere above subsistence?

Essay Topic 3

What would a society without conspicuous consumption be like? Is Veblen satirizing leisure class culture? By exposing the excessive consumption, is he urging us to live a somehow more genuine or less luxurious lifestyle?

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