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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why, according to Veblen, do the leisure class's traits survive?
(a) Because the leisure class is an open society.
(b) Because the leisure class is resistent to adaptation.
(c) Because the leisure class is sheltered.
(d) Because the leisure class is cosmopolitan.

2. Under what conditions does Veblen say that members of the industrial class will fight?
(a) When they want to settle a score.
(b) When they are angry or drunk.
(c) When someone's honor has been insulted.
(d) He says they will fight for almost any reason.

3. What aspect of man's character does gambling originate in, according to Veblen?
(a) The predatory character.
(b) The religious character.
(c) The peaceable character.
(d) The antepredatory character.

4. When, according to Veblen, does the leisure class change most?
(a) When there are no wars.
(b) When the economy is adapting to changes.
(c) When the question of succession to the throne or presidency is at issue.
(d) When there are conflicts abroad but not at home.

5. What force does Veblen say drives change in the leisure class?
(a) International currency exchange rates.
(b) Political policies.
(c) Economic development.
(d) Changes in religious rituals.

6. What does Veblen call learning?
(a) Submission to eternal truth.
(b) Delight and instruction.
(c) Sympathetic magic.
(d) Participation in class distinction.

7. Selective adaptation governs what?
(a) The display of wealth.
(b) The fashion from year to year.
(c) Who survives socially.
(d) Who works for whom.

8. What does Veblen say God represents in the anthropomorphic creed?
(a) The meekness of men.
(b) The heart of compassion.
(c) The habit of dominance.
(d) THe spirit of cooperation.

9. What factor besides luck affects gambling on sports, according to Veblen?
(a) Pride in the strength of the winners.
(b) The ability to turn loss into a gambling victory.
(c) The omens that surround the game, such as the weather.
(d) The prestige of the contestants.

10. What does Veblen say is the purpose of devout observances?
(a) To give time for reflection, reconsideration, and invention.
(b) To motivate the community to greater efficiency.
(c) To lower the economic efficiency of a community.
(d) To capture some of the spoils of exploitation in the church.

11. Which ethnic type does Veblen say has more predatory traits?
(a) Nordics.
(b) Brachycephalic brunettes.
(c) Mediterraneans.
(d) Dolichocephalic blonds.

12. Why, according to Veblen, were women excluded from education?
(a) They were distracting.
(b) They were independent.
(c) They were unprepared.
(d) They were subservient.

13. What is education's relationship with the supernatural, according to Veblen?
(a) Education gives people knowledge for their devout observances.
(b) Education provides the agents of growth and individual development that prove the doctrine of divine grace.
(c) Education allows people to live by reason instead of superstition.
(d) Education proves the correctness of church doctrine.

14. What is it that Veblen says survives as society changes?
(a) The fittest ideas.
(b) The fittest habits.
(c) Jewels.
(d) The fittest fashions.

15. Which organization does Veblen cite as an example of an organization whose existence is related to devout observance?
(a) The Chamber of Commerce.
(b) The Freemasons.
(c) Young Men's Christian Association.
(d) The Ku Klux Klan.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is it that forces the resistant social classes to adapt to new conditions?

2. Which holiday does Veblen cite as an example of holidays being vicarious leisure?

3. How does Veblen say the clothing of worshipers differs from daily clothing?

4. To which group does the selection process seem to apply least?

5. According to Veblen, there is a natural selection among what?

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