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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Modern Survivals of Prowess.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What distinction begins to be drawn as the group around the patron grows?
(a) Between upper-class and lower-class merchants.
(b) Between noble and ignoble.
(c) Between aristocratic and democratic.
(d) Between landed and monied gentry.

2. What makes dress a good indicator of conspicuous waste?
(a) Everyone has to wear it.
(b) It can be made in so many different ways.
(c) Everyone knows how much clothing costs.
(d) It is always on display.

3. How does Veblen define conspicuous consumption?
(a) Vulgar or unnecessary displays of wealth.
(b) An act of consumption that involves more than one person.
(c) The display of wealth in front of witnesses to wealth.
(d) A refined set of mannerisms displayed while consuming status symbols.

4. What is the relationship between manners and class?
(a) Manners indicate social climbers.
(b) Manners indicate breeding and status.
(c) Manners indicate conformity to the dominant class's fashions.
(d) Manners change from time to time to keep newcomers at a disadvantage.

5. According to Veblen, ethnic types during his time were variations of what?
(a) Predatory types.
(b) Primitive ethnic types.
(c) Antepredatory types.
(d) Peaceable types.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Veblen classify industrial labor in industrial societies?

2. What does Veblen say emulation leads to?

3. According to Veblen, new selections of the fittest are driven by changes in what?

4. Where is conspicuous consumption most prevalent?

5. What are the standards of consumption determined by?

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