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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through The Pecuniary Standard of Living.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Veblen define conspicuous consumption?
(a) A refined set of mannerisms displayed while consuming status symbols.
(b) The display of wealth in front of witnesses to wealth.
(c) Vulgar or unnecessary displays of wealth.
(d) An act of consumption that involves more than one person.

2. What does Veblen say happens to cultures that develop knowledge and tools?
(a) They become more warlike.
(b) They become more diplomatic.
(c) They become more efficient.
(d) They become more decadent.

3. What does Veblen say a person's possessions determine in ownership societies?
(a) Status.
(b) Virtue.
(c) Class.
(d) Profession.

4. What distinction does Veblen say emerged between types of labor in cultures that had a leisure class?
(a) Between agitators and protestors.
(b) Between worthy and unworthy labor.
(c) Between capitalists and communists.
(d) Between workers, managers, and owners.

5. Vicarious leisure results in what?
(a) Competition among servant classes.
(b) Greater employment.
(c) Competition among owners.
(d) Distinctions among servant classes.

Short Answer Questions

1. What consumption articles does Veblen state that the consumer hangs on to the most?

2. What classes does Veblen describe emerging as society developed?

3. What does Veblen say happens as technology progresses?

4. What incentive does Veblen say results from the desire to own property?

5. Which cultures exhibited the leisure class?

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