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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Devout Observances.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How must a man of leisure act?
(a) WIth appreciation for the technical trades that allow him his leisure.
(b) With decorum appropriate to his station.
(c) With no respect or regard for his inferiors.
(d) With deference toward his equals and superiors.

2. What allowed a leisure class to emerge?
(a) Expansion of the military.
(b) Improvements in production efficiency.
(c) Differentiation and specialization of labor.
(d) Exploitation of workers.

3. Vicarious consumption reflects whose standing?
(a) The worker's.
(b) The servant's.
(c) The slave's.
(d) The patron's.

4. What does Veblen say was the center of modern communities during his time?
(a) Nostalgia for nature.
(b) The guilt inherited from wars.
(c) Industrial efficiency.
(d) The inherited triumphs from wars.

5. What two classes does Veblen distinguish between?
(a) Acquisition and production classes.
(b) Production and distribution classes.
(c) Aesthetic and industrial classes.
(d) Consumption and waste classes.

Short Answer Questions

1. What distinction does Veblen say emerged between types of labor in cultures that had a leisure class?

2. How does Veblen describe anthropomorphic cults?

3. Which holiday does Veblen cite as an example of holidays being vicarious leisure?

4. How have the upper classes distinguished themselves from the other classes?

5. Who decides what level of consumption is honorable?

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