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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Industrial Exemption and Conservatism.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What makes dress a good indicator of conspicuous waste?
(a) Everyone has to wear it.
(b) It is always on display.
(c) It can be made in so many different ways.
(d) Everyone knows how much clothing costs.

2. What does Veblen say emulation leads to?
(a) Conspicuous produciton.
(b) Conspicuous consumption.
(c) Conspicuous waste.
(d) Conspicuous servitude.

3. What are the standards of consumption determined by?
(a) Class mobility.
(b) Industrial production.
(c) Conspicuous waste and workmanship.
(d) Physical comfort.

4. How does Veblen say members of a society are ranked and judged?
(a) In terms of their noble lineage.
(b) In terms of their morals.
(c) In terms of their power.
(d) In terms of their wealth.

5. How does Veblen explain the change of fashion from year to year?
(a) It is a shallow form of bourgeois emulation of different aristocratic idols.
(b) It is a form of conspicuous waste.
(c) It is a constantly renewed way to police who is current and who is classic.
(d) It is a form of cultural restlessness.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Veblen mean by the terms "social inertia" and "conservatism"?

2. What force does Veblen say shapes the standard of living?

3. Selective adaptation governs what?

4. What standard does Veblen say guides people's behavior?

5. How do standards of consumption change?

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