Daily Lessons for Teaching The Theory of the Leisure Class

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Daily Lessons

Lesson 1

Objective: Chapter 1 Introductory Veblen's "The Theory of the Leisure Class" is a product of Veblen's times and location. This lesson discusses the cultural context for "The Theory of the Leisure Class."

1) 1. Research activity. Give students reference materials, and ask them to research the times in which Veblen was writing. What were the dominant ideas? What state was the field of sociology in? Who influenced Veblen's thinking?

2. Short presentation. Ask students to spend some time preparing and then delivering presentations based on their research.

3. Class discussion. What was Veblen's purpose for writing "Theory of the Leisure Class"? How did "Theory of the Leisure Class" change the understanding of social class in Europe and America?

4. Homework. Write a short essay that describes the effect Veblen had by writing "The Theory of the Leisure Class." What changed because of his book?

Lesson 2

Objective: Chapter 1 Introductory Veblen distinguishes between the leisure...

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