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Status symbols and marketing

Ask students to bring in images of things that are used as status symbols. What does the image or advertisement say about the person who owns or displays the status symbol?


Choose a few popular brands. Analyze their demographic. What does the brand connote? How does it differentiate itself from other brands for similar products? What kinds of things don't really benefit from branding?

Conspicuous consumption

Bring in snack foods and consume them conspicuously.

Leisure class haiku

What kind of haiku would a student from the leisure class write?

The Leisure Class: The Musical

Compose and perform some songs or skits from the musical version of "The Theory of the Leisure Class."

Updating The Theory of the Leisure Class

How would "The Theory of the Leisure Class" be revised for today's society? How would you revise Veblen's study? What would Veblen say about...

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