The Theory of the Leisure Class Character Descriptions

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Barbarian - This is the stage of cultural development where class distinctions begin, as people of different abilities engage in different kinds of activities.

Leisure Class - This is the upper class of society, which has emerged in the process of development as the strongest and most able of people and the ones who accumulate possessions.

Slave - This person is a human who is owned by a master.

Primitive Savage - This culture is one in which there is no ownership, which makes it the lowest stage of development.

Woman of the Household - This person is considered to be a chattel, even though she is most responsible for displaying the wealth of the household.

Master - This person is the slave owner.

The Divinity - Members of this class have an honorable occupation, with ornate buildings that are the product of wasteful consumption.

Lower-Class Delinquents...

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