The Theater and Its Double Character Descriptions

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Lucas van Leyden

This was a celebrated Dutch painter and engraver who lived from 1494 through 1533 in Leiden, a city of the Netherlands. The author uses the Dutch painter's Daughters of Lot masterpiece in the opening example in the chapter called Metaphysics and the Mise en Scène.

Marx Brothers

These were siblings born in New York the late 19th century to Jewish parents of German origin. The brothers teamed up to become stage comedians before eventually developing a successful career in Hollywood as movie actors.


This is the name of the Sardinia's Viceroy and is mentioned at the beginning of the chapter called "The Theater and the Plague".

Jean-Louis Barrault

This is a French mime of the early twentieth century. His creation, Autour d'une mère, is the subject of the second of the Two Notes.

St. Augustine

This is the name of the renowned medieval...

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