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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Sergio pull away from Nate?
(a) He is not longer Nate's counselor.
(b) He doesn't like Nate's bull.
(c) To help him be able to leave the rehab center.
(d) Nate told him to bug off.

2. Why has Nate lost his other friends?
(a) Through negligence and poor behavior.
(b) Because he is gone so long.
(c) Because he moved to another city.
(d) He never had any friends.

3. Where are the two men at the end of Chapter 26?
(a) Back at Fernando's trading post.
(b) Totally lost.
(c) Back in the village.
(d) On their way to the mountains.

4. Why is Nate pleased with Josh's offer?
(a) He feels good about Josh's respect.
(b) It will get him out of the country for the holidays.
(c) It shows the company hasn't fired him.
(d) It is something to connect him to his former life.

5. What does Jevy fear?
(a) That Nate left without him.
(b) That they won't get the tide if they don't leave soon.
(c) That he will lose his retainer fee.
(d) That Nate might be dead or in need of the hospital

Short Answer Questions

1. Whose in-laws suddenly become warmer to her when they realize she has a large amount of money coming in?

2. What is difficult about navigating the secondary river?

3. What happens to Rachel's mother?

4. Where do Nate and Jevy stop?

5. Who rescues the three men?

Short Essay Questions

1. How did all the family lawyers feel about the will?

2. What did Troy do after being certified sane and able and his family left?

3. What kind of shape was Troy Junior, Ramble, Geena and Rex in following his death?

4. Who was the only person who knew where Rachel was living?

5. What did Nate do on Christmas day in Brazil?

6. What do Nate and Jevy discuss as they float on the river and how does Nate feel about it?

7. Why was the reading of Troy Phelan's will considered to be of interest?

8. What are the thoughts of Troy Phelan when the novel opens?

9. How does Nate feel about going to Brazil?

10. How did the Phelan heirs feel about Troy's will?

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