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Troy Phelan's Will

This was a handwritten last minute document.

McLean, Virginia

Home of The Phelan Group headquarters.

Washington, D.C.

This is the home of Stafford Law Firm where Jost Stafford, Nate O'Riley and may other minor characters are employed.

St. Michaels

This is a town in the Chesapeake Bay area.


This is the major South American city that Nate flies into.

Santa Loura

This is the boat that Vidal hires to carry Nate into the Pantanal in search of Rachel.

Pantanal region

This region is a vast area of undeveloped land in Brazil near the Bolivian border.

Rachel's hut

This was on the border of the Indian village.

Walnut Hill

This was the rehabilitation center where Nate underwent his latest attempt at detox.


This was the site of an array of proceedings with regards to Troy Phelan's will and the distribution of his estate...

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