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James Redfield
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Wil say is needed to complete the narrator's task?
(a) New energy regulations.
(b) A deeper understanding of the Tenth Insight.
(c) Charlene's help.
(d) The National Guard.

2. The narrator says the church suppressed the doctrine because of what?
(a) Because the Gnostics were Muslim.
(b) To hide the real facts of the early church.
(c) To have full power over people.
(d) To make them look right.

3. As Webber and Maya are dealing with each other what do the three of them see?
(a) Charlene running towards them.
(b) Wil coming into the cave.
(c) Charlene being walked through the woods at gunpoint.
(d) Williams streaking through the woods.

4. What does Wil confirm about Williams to the narrator?
(a) He is not dead.
(b) He was probably present during the narrator and Webber's conversation.
(c) He is hanging around to sabotage their efforts.
(d) He is not the white blurr.

5. What was the Doctrine the church suppressed according to the narrator?
(a) The Doctrine of Ascension.
(b) The Piety Doctrine.
(c) The Gnostic Doctrine.
(d) The Doctrine of Right Thinking.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Wil think individual intuitions and perceptions of destiny are?

2. What does the narrator say is the reason people don't let go of their life on earth after they die?

3. At the end of Chapter 6, where does Wil tell the narrator they must go for more enlightenment?

4. In the beginning of Chapter 8, what does Webber tell the narrator to do?

5. From where does Webber know Charlene?

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