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James Redfield
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the narrator believe about every individual who comes to earth as a human?
(a) All of them are all bad.
(b) All of them are in need of redemption.
(c) They are a mixture of good and evil.
(d) Everyone has the good intentions of his/her Birth Vision.

2. What does Wil say is needed to complete the narrator's task?
(a) A deeper understanding of the Tenth Insight.
(b) The National Guard.
(c) Charlene's help.
(d) New energy regulations.

3. What do the Allies realize is their immediate responsibility?
(a) To heal Feyman's body.
(b) To get out of the valley and go get help.
(c) To bring the process of awakening to Feyman.
(d) To blow up the bunker.

4. What does the narrator say corrupted the vision of the United States?
(a) Too many people living there.
(b) The emerging dominance of capitalism, communism, and fascism.
(c) Corrupt politicians.
(d) A rigged voting system.

5. With what does Feyman walk?
(a) With a cane.
(b) With a walker.
(c) He walks like everyone else.
(d) With a limp.

Short Answer Questions

1. What happened to the Gnostic Gospels?

2. What does the narrator say has been edited out of the Christian Bible?

3. To what does Maya say energy blockages are related?

4. For what does the narrator say science was responsible?

5. What does the author see as originating in Ancient Greece?

Short Essay Questions

1. Into what is the narrator drawn in hell and what does he see?

2. What does the narrator discuss with Wil concerning the Christian church?

3. Describe what the four members of the Group first do when they meet at the waterfall and what they see.

4. What does the narrator realize about all his previous lives and what he thinks is needed to change the trend?

5. What does the narrator tell about a previous life of his as a monk?

6. What happens when the Group decide to try and end the Experiment by combining their energies?

7. What does Wil say is their task concerning the Group of Seven?

8. How does the narrator describe hell in Chapter 7?

9. In Chapter 8, what does the narrator hear as he returns to the physical plane and what does Webber tell him about the noise?

10. After Charlene and Maya escape from Feyman, what do Webber and the Narrator do?

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